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Who We Are

About Our Founders

Biz Rescue Solutions is a business empowerment consultancy and commercial finance brokerage.

We aim to help small businesses grow and succeed. We do this by helping them source the business credit and business funding they need at various stages of growth in their business.

Biz Rescue Solutions was founded by Dr. Alla Kiroshka and Dahlian Lamy (aka Dale) โ€“ partners in business and in life.

Prior to becoming business owners, many years ago Alla and Dale had careers in the medical and educational fields respectively.

Alla used to be a Facial Reconstructive Surgeon while Dale used to teach Mathematics (and other science-based subjects) at the high school and university levels.

Together they have over 30 years of experience as small business owners.

Over the years, they have started and grown a number of 6-figure and 7-figure businesses in a wide range of industries.

Your Business Empowerment Consultants

Biz Rescue Solutions is a family-owned business. Our team begins with the company directors โ€“ the adult members of the family. They all take an active role in the day-to-day running of the business. Each one brings a variety of expertise and experience to the group that helps us provide top quality service to our clients.

Alla Kiroshka of Biz Rescue Solutions LLC


Co-Founder & President
Dahlian Lamy of Biz Rescue Solutions LLC


Co-Founder & CEO
Aleksey Kiroshka of Biz Rescue Solutions LLC


Vice President
Nikolas Kiroshka of Biz Rescue Solutions LLC


Chief Digital Officer

Their Real World Business Experience

Our founders and the other directors of Biz Rescue Solutions have real world business experience gained over years in a variety of industries.

Businesses They've Owned

Besides Biz Rescue Solutions, businesses owned by Alla, Dale and other members on our board of directors included:

  • a medical clinic,
  • a tour company,
  • a fruit export business,
  • a heavy machinery import business,
  • an educational services business,
  • a property development company,
  • a natural health clinic,
  • a range of dietary supplements,
  • an ecommerce store,
  • a motorbike resale business, and
  • a web agency.

Businesses They Know Well

Alla, Dale and the other directors grew up in entrepreneurial families who owned businesses in these industries:

  • agriculture
  • auto body repair
  • construction โ€“ residential buildings
  • manufacturing
  • restaurant management
  • retailing
  • transportation
  • veterinary services
  • viticulture
  • wholesaling

Empowering Small Business Owners Financially

Get the expert guidance you need to find the best funding option for your growing business. Let’s create the perfect funding plan to get your business the money it needs to grow!

Get Business Credit Cards and Lines Through Biz Rescue Solutions LLC

Get Business Credit

Access 100's of high-limit business credit lines to cover current needs and prepare for future funding with a strong credit profile.
Get Business Funding and Working Capital Through Biz Rescue Solutions LLC

Get Business Capital

Leverage your personal and business strengths to unlock a range of funding options and grow your business much faster.
Get Pre-Qualified for Business Funding Through Biz Rescue Solutions LLC

Pre-Qualify for Funding

Find out which financing options you can qualify for right now and get matched with the perfect lender for your circumstances.

Why Choose Us As Your Business Finance Brokers?

As shown above, Biz Rescue Solutions is run by people who intimately understand the inner workings of owning a business in a wide range of industries.

Over the years, our founders have gotten loans from alternative lenders to help them grow their own businesses to 6- and 7-figures.

Now, as business finance brokers, they are able to leverage their business experience along with insider information from our network of capital providersย to help other business owners to quickly access funding to grow their businesses.

This is the solid foundation on which Biz Rescue Solutions is built. These are the values which all members of our team seek to uphold.

Other reasons to choose Biz Rescue Solutions as your preferred business loan broker:

  • You are NOT “another number” to us.
    We want to get to know you and your business. We are looking to build relationships with growth-minded business owners who need funds to help them take their business to the next level. We want to be there as you grow from strength to strength.
  • No automated decisions.
    Our application process is simple – just a few minutes to complete our online application form and upload your bank statements. We use technology to streamline the assessment process but a final decision is made by humans who want to approve your application provided you meet that lender’s lending criteria. Even though the decision is NOT automated, you will usually get an answer within 24-48 hours.
  • YOU are our client, the lenders are not.
    We get paid by the lenders but YOU are our client. Our aim is to help you get the funds you need for your business. As needed, we will advocate on your behalf with our lenders to get you the best deal possible based on your circumstances.

Q&A With
Our Founders

These questions and answers were taken from a recent interview with our founders – Alla & Dale.

That has actually had a tremendous impact on what we do because we've used alternative lenders both in business and in personal life.

For example, when we were purchasing our last couple homes, we found that the process going through an alternative lender was a much easier process for us. Especially when you come from a situation... for people who are small business owners or self-employed, oftentimes trying to provide all the documentation the banks require to get the mortgage can be quite overwhelming.

We started with traditional lenders and we were not making any headway. And sometimes their solution was for us to just make more money. The solutions they were coming back with were unrealistic for our circumstance at the time that we were doing this.

So, we started looking deeper and that led us to alternative lenders and we found that our experience there... there was much more personal attention from the broker that we were working with, both for business and for our mortgage, that they were there guiding us, saying "okay guys, you need to do this and then it would be easier for us to fund you". There was a bit more guidance, whereas with the bank, they would just say, "no we can't" and they would not really tell you what was the problem, what can I do differently to change my application to improve.

You're not really getting that from the traditional lenders but with the alternative lenders that we've dealt with, we got much more personalised attention and that is what we are seeking to do in our interaction with our clients.

What we have found with traditional lenders is that they don't take those things into consideration. They look at... what is your credit score, is it 650, is it 730. They use the numbers more often than anything else in making their final decision. So, what is the credit score, what are the financial figures that are coming in from the business - those are the things that make the final decision for them.

The alternative lenders are prepared to listen to the story behind the numbers. To hear why is it that this particular month... you know, you were doing $100,000 - $150,000 every month, then suddenly you went down to $50,000 - what happened here? What was going on there? When you present to them and say, "well, this month we were doing renovations, so we weren't having as many sales coming through." ..."oh, now that makes sense." It was not a usual thing, it was a seasonal thing or whatever it was.

Definitely, we have found that they (alternative lenders) take much more consideration of the reason behind the numbers and not just the numbers themselves.

It depends on what you're trying to do. To reduce the risk with either party, whether you go with traditional or alternative, what you want to look at is the longevity of the lenders. You know, the lenders that have been around for a long time, they will continue to be around, more often than not, for a long time.

Every day there are new lenders popping up but you want to go with lenders who've been around a long time.

When we were creating our network of lenders, we were looking for lenders who've been around a long time, who have helped thousands of businesses, who are reputable, who have funded billions of dollars to small businesses over 10+ years.

It's tricky for many business owners to differentiate that because when they go to a lot of the websites, sometimes you don't even see things like contact information for some of these brokers. The only way you can contact them is through their email. There's no phone number, no postal address, because they are sort of hiding. Even when you go to the about page, they are being very generic in their about information.

We want to be much clearer, in terms of where we've come from, why we are in it, and what we are trying to do for business owners.

Being there for our clients, I think is the cornerstone of our business. It's so important. More than just providing the funds, is the personal attention we give to each and every one. Yes, our processes are... applying is automatic but the client... for us, none of them is a number.

We do come back to the client after the application is submitted to us and we strive to find out a little bit more about each and every one because there are so many nuances, knowing these nuances we can actually bring a better deal to the table.

Sometimes we are in a situation where we can advise the client on how to structure, and what to do in business moving forward, besides... beyond just funding them.

We know what it felt like when we were treated as a number versus when someone was prepared to listen to what our circumstance was and see how can we find a way to work with your circumstance to get you to where you want to get to. We want to do the same thing.

It's not just information comes in and we pass it on. We want to help the business owner. At least helping people get the funds they need and showing them how they can leverage those funds to really grow their business and have less reliance on the higher risk funds as they go down the road.

At the end of the day, businesses will need funds from time to time at different stages of their growth but our aim is to help them on a personal level to get through that as hassle-free as possible.


Real results from business owners just like you

Jim Recommends Business Credit Building Platform By Biz Rescue Solutions LLC

Jim followed the step-by-step process in the Business Finance Suite to make his business lender-ready.

Knowing the underwriting guidelines of various vendors allowed him to selectively apply to those that would approve him for business credit with no personal guarantee.

Now Jim feels that he has gained full control of the success of his business.

Chad Recommends Business Credit Building Platform By Biz Rescue Solutions LLC

Chad, with the help of the Business Finance Suite, was able to establish his companyโ€™s corporate credit, expand his business operation, and take his company to the next level.

Now that his business is lender-ready, Chad feels confident that he is well prepared to get business funding in the future when he really needs it.

Robert Recommends Business Credit Building Platform By Biz Rescue Solutions LLC

Robert set out to build business credit independent of his personal credit so that he could have greater peace of mind.

He was able to accomplish this within six months with the help of the Business Finance Suite and credit advisory team.

Robert is eager to share his business credit building experience with his clients and others.